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December 30
December 23
December 16
  • Blast the circle of friends! Danyang Edition 2017 and 2019 are here ...

  • Overnight, the major online platforms were full of "contrast between 2017 and 2019", and the friends were having fun. Looking at Weibo, the reporter found that everyone was discussing the changes from 2017 to 2019. Two photos, one story. If Danyang also participates in this photo, what will be the TA's circle of friends? 2 years ... [ Details ]
December 9
  • This year's "Double 11", have you entered the "pit" of online red goods?

  • The "Double 11" just past, took out the mobile phone, and bought and bought with the anchor of the live broadcast room, which has become a lot of new choices for online shopping of "Chocolate Party". Did you lose again this year under the "sweet words" of Li Jiaqi and Wei Ya, who are the top picks on Taobao? A sentence of "OMG" can surprise all the sales skills of the product being sold ... [ detailed ]
December 2
November 25
  • One third of Danyang's "Shopping Carnival" has zero overhead

  • According to our survey results on the Danyang Daily WeChat public account, 28% of the nearly 500 citizens who participated in the survey had "zero overhead", which was the most voted of all options. And those who spend less than 1,000 yuan account for 35%, and those who spend between 1,000 yuan and 3,000 yuan account for 21%, which means that most Danyang people do n’t spend much on online shopping carnivals. 【 Details
November 18
  • Danyang dialect, our nostalgia

  • Recently, a "earth song" became popular on Douyin, and two lyrics were sung like this: "There are a lot of tea shops on the side of Dongjiekou, and you won't speak dialects. It aroused the emotion of Danyang ’s “post-70s” father: “My daughter is' post-00’, she does not speak Danyang anymore. ”This speech caused a lot of discussion among netizens. The children really did not Besides Danyang ... [ detailed ]
November 18
November 11
  • What is autumn in your eyes? Give a "chestnut"!

  • Colorful autumn is the most beautiful season in Danyang all year round. In the last issue of "Danyang Network", we shared the autumn colors of Danyang with you, which aroused readers' strong interest. This week, we launched another poll on WeChat about "the things that best represent autumn". In the eyes of WeChat friends, autumn is unique ... [ detailed ]
November 4
October 28
October 21
  • "Punk health", is it you?

  • When it comes to health, many people have in mind that the elderly are playing Tai Chi in the park, and the middle-aged people are holding wok to soak wolfberry. As everyone knows, nowadays, "health" is no longer a special vocabulary belonging to middle-aged and elderly people. It has begun to be popular among post-80s and post-90s people. However, on the Internet, there is a special way for young people's health ... [ detailed ]
October 14
September 30
September 23
September 16
  • [Suspected of illegality] New internet celebrity boarded Danyang people's car

  • However, this funny little yellow duck also brought some troubles to everyone. Car owners are worried that it will be "shunned" at any time when exposed to the outside. The traffic police department said it was illegal and worried that it would distract the driver and bring potential safety hazards. In addition to the car yellow duck, do you know which car modification behavior is illegal ... [ detailed ]
September 9
  • The few things that “burned” money in September

  • In an instant, September has arrived. The bear child finally goes to school, the Mid-Autumn Festival is coming, and the National Day holiday is not far away ... It seems that a lot of good news is welcoming us. Are you happy? Don't get excited, this month, we are also testing our wallet. Recently, reporters have seen some netizens start to lament in the circle of friends "September ... [ detailed ]
September 2
August 26
  • It is difficult to guarantee the quality of online shopping "monthly flowers"

  • The reporter recently received two reports from netizens who jointly reported that there was a problem with the "Flower Monthly" service ordered on the Internet. The quality of the flowers was poor, and the delivery service was poor. The reporter tried to contact the customer service on the "Flower Monthly" applet to learn about the situation, but no one responded. 【 Details
August 26
  • Little hot bars, set off a wave of Internet users' memories

  • As the "handlebar" of the national snack industry, spicy bars have countless fans. From the post-80s to the post-00s, die-hard fans can't stop their spicy and spicy taste. Although spicy bars captured a large number of eating stomachs, they could not escape the title of "junk food". 【 Details
August 19
  • Beekeeper by the road

  • Recently, the graphic "Danyang Twelve Hours" released by Danyang Daily WeChat public account has aroused many netizens' emotions: This is ordinary greatness. There are many characters in this WeChat. Due to the length of the space, many people have been carried over by a few words, including the beekeeper Pharaoh. 【 Details
August 12
  • How do you pronounce "né zhā" in Danyang dialect?

  • The domestically produced animated film "Nazi's Devil's Birth", which is an innovative interpretation of classic themes, has caused a wave of movie watching since it was released on July 26, and the box office set a record. With the movie's popularity, an unexpected topic also became "hot": how do you pronounce the word "nezha" in dialect? Many Danyang viewers also joined the discussion online after watching the movie. 【 Details
August 12
  • In midsummer, Danyang opens at night ...

  • Danyang in the midsummer is extremely hot, and many netizens joked that this life was given by air conditioners. Indeed, getting out of an air-conditioned room in such a hot weather is simply "looking for abuse." However, if you are too hot during the day, you can catch the coolness of the night. Either a full appetite, or a hearty night run, or quiet down ... [ detailed ]
August 5
  • Danyang mosquito density drops significantly this summer

  • Recently, the reporter learned from our city's Center for Disease Control and Prevention that this year's mosquito density in our city has dropped significantly compared with the same period of previous years, but this does not mean that the mosquito prevention work can be relaxed. 【 Details
July 29
July 22
  • Danyang's most photogenic cool place in summer

  • In mid-July, the summer heat was getting stronger. In the season of "two minutes of walking and sweating for half an hour", some people stay at home with air-conditioning, WiFi, and watermelons, while others choose a cool place to play cool and relax. In Danyang, where can you spend a cool summer and have a high value? Netizens recommended 4 places ... [ Detail ]
July 15
July 8
  • Danyang News Network fishing event successfully held

  • In order to thank the friends for their support to Danyang News Network, the afternoon of June 22nd, the "Dingjing Hotel Cup" Danyang News Network fishing event was successfully held in Xiaowei Fish Pond, which attracted more than 20 netizens to participate. 【 Details
July 1
July 1
June 24
  • Danyang Daily invites you to eat cold drinks for free

  • In the hot summer, cold drinks ushered in the sales season. Danyang News Group and the "Frost Trail Cold Drink Shop" launched a free cold drink campaign. Scan the QR code and leave a message at the bottom of WeChat. You can get 1 ice lolly at the store, 50 servings on a first-come-first-served basis. 【 Details
June 10
June 10
  • Summer "net red" food, which one do you like the most?

  • In the hot summer, in addition to making people sweat and rain, they also have no appetite. However, some foods can always open up everyone's taste buds and let people find a trace of coolness in the heat. So, which summer food can most evoke your appetite? This week, the reporter presented three delicious foods and practices that have exploded the circle of friends in the recent period of time, ... [ detailed ]
June 10
June 3
May 27
  • New bright colors on the river: Full interpretation of the waterfront park

  • Xiaotang correspondent Kaixuan recently, many netizens were pleasantly surprised to find that both sides of the old Jiuqu River in the development zone have been renewed: new venues, new nursery stock flowers, new water landscape ... Netizens are full of curiosity about the newly completed park. In this issue of Danyang.net, we will take you to visit this riverside river full of birds ... [ detailed ]
May 20
May 13
  • Ancient Tree: The Watcher of Danyang

  • In March of this year, Danyang Networks had an inventory of "the ancient meaning of the city in the memory of Danyang people", which mentioned the ancient acacia tree in Civic Square. After the new media released it, it received a lot of comments from netizens in the background. Netizens' enthusiasm for ancient and famous trees is evident. 【 Details
May 6
  • Electronics, which one of Danyang's young people love most?

  • "I don't think I am complete after I leave the phone." This slightly exaggerated remark quickly gained a lot of recognition. With the Internet growing up, the "post-90s" and "post-00s" people all felt that electronics Product is your most important "other half." Focus on us, what electronic products do young people in Danyang like ... [ details ]
April 29
  • Where did Danyang's "Pinto Bamboo" and "Prawn" go?

  • The forum moderators that everyone has been fighting for may not have been logged in on the PC for a long time; the "bamboo" and "prawns" (that is, moderators and heroes) that have been Internet buzzwords already have a strong sense of the age. . Where did those netizens of the year go? How did all this happen? 【 Details
April 23
  • Is your circle of friends "deciduous"?

  • In spring, it was a season full of flowers, but in recent times, Danyang had a scene of falling leaves. A gust of wind passed, or withered or dark red leaves fluttered in the wind, everywhere on the roads, rivers, and green fields, performing unique anti-seasonal beauty, and the circle of friends was also brushed by this "autumn color". 【 Details
April 16
April 8
  • Here comes the long holiday. Are you ready?

  • What makes people cheer is that the original May Day holiday, which was originally scheduled for one day, suddenly turned into a four-day long vacation, detonating everyone's enthusiasm for traveling. Coupled with the Dragon Boat Festival holiday in June, you can plan well. So, how to take advantage of these holidays, take the most reasonable vacation and have the most exciting trip? If you haven't planned yet, please accept the netizens ... [ detailed ]
April 1
  • Can you tell the flowers of Danyang in spring?

  • In this issue, we will talk about the flowers that netizens have asked the most recently, and list their approximate flowering time and characteristics. Next time when you enjoy flowers with your friends and relatives, use small knowledge to show them in front of them! 【 Details
March 25
March 25

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