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  • "Red Sun Exhibition Hall" and my red collection

  • Stepping into the "Red Sun Exhibition Hall" I founded, the half-century red collection is stored in the glass display cabinets around it. The Mao Zedong badges hanging on the four walls of the museum are even more dazzling under the light. In this situation, I seem to be back in the period of the Mao Zedong era, which makes people nostalgic and memorable ... [ detailed ]
December 26
  • Errata of the "Falling Bridge" at Zhishang Lu City, Danyang County

  • In June 2017, 88-year-old Dong Rongchang met me and suddenly asked me a question: "You are studying the history of Lu Cheng, do you know what the real bridge name of Lu Cheng Temple Bridge was before 1959?" According to Lu Cheng's historical materials, Xinkou replied, "Jiao Chuluoqiao." He held out his thumb. So he told me the following ... [ detailed ]
December 30
  • Guo Runkang's philatelic spirit shines forever

  • Recently, nearly a hundred delegates and guests of the Document Philatelic Research Society across the country during a meeting in Danyang. In order to learn about the philately of Danyang's famous philatelist Guo Runkang, he made a special trip to our city to visit the Guo Runkang Philatelic Archives. 【 Details
November 18
  • Campus construction, Taoguan iron incense burner emerged

  • "Baby Street has dug up the baby!" Recently, an archeological news spread in Danyangfang, which has become a topic of discussion among citizens. The reporter learned from the city's cultural relics department on the 11th that the cultural relics unearthed at the construction site were cast iron incense burners, and the year was initially inferred to be the Qing Dynasty. 【 Details
October 14
  • Carving the art on the blade

  • Like paper-cutting, paper-cutting is also an ancient Han folk art. As early as the Sui and Tang Dynasties, paper-cut works such as double happiness, door flowers, hall flowers, lantern flowers, flowers, birds, insects, fishes, and characters were scattered among the folk and followed for generations. The difference is that the engraving paper mainly uses the engraving knife as a tool, and the process is more fine, not only can it be carved on the palm ... [ detailed ]
April 15
  • Watching the drama and writing to the drama

  • Cross the old busy street of Lucheng Town and walk into an alley. The alley has always been the home of Junjun Sheng. Although the 77-year-old Piao Lao thinks that he is no different from his peers, in the eyes of the people in the town, the old man in his late years is a real idiot, especially in drama creation. 【 Details
February 25
  • Enjoy quietly at your fingertips

  • In the memories of the 70s and 80s of the last century, in addition to eating dumplings during the Lantern Festival, the children in groups in the alleys and in the community to pull rabbit lights are also a familiar scene. The rabbit frame made of steel wire or bamboo wire, rabbit hair pasted by paper scraps, and rabbit feet rolled out of wooden wheels. Because of pure hand-made, each rabbit light has different colors, "looking ... [ detailed ]
February 11
  • Archaeological Excavation of Majia Shuangdun Mound Tomb Completed

  • Recently, the Zhenjiang Museum completed the excavation work of 2 mound tombs in Majia Shuangdun, and passed the inspection and acceptance of the Provincial Cultural Relics Bureau. Twenty-two cultural relics such as primitive porcelain beans and printed hard clay pots were unearthed from the two mound tombs. 【 Details
January 11
  • "Zhao's Erhu" Precious "Heirloom" Debuts

  • On December 5th, Wang Yuguo, the head of the Zhenjiang Branch of the Jiangsu Province Collectors Association and the Zhenjiang Historical and Cultural Cities Research Society, and his party came to our provincial non-genetic inheritor Zhao Jun Studio for inspection and first exhibited at the Danyang Zhao Family Museum "Heirloom" has aroused great interest from experts. 【 Details
December 21
  • Carpenter's work: How old is today?

  • These pieces of cymbals are rolled in the hands for a while, or weaved or woven or pulled or worn, and various delicate products such as bamboo baskets, bamboo sieves, bamboo baskets, and bamboo baskets are formed. 【 Details
November 16
September 21
  • Lu Fengzi: "Mr. Feng" forgotten

  • Lv Fengzi was kindly called "Mr. Feng" by Xiao Ping, an expert in painting and calligraphy appraisal. As an important founder of vocational education and a pioneer of the New Jinling School, Lu Fengzi is a pivotal figure in the field of culture and education. 【 Details
August 27
March 31
  • Centennial Philatelist Guo Runkang Silhouette

  • On March 24 this year, it is the 100th birthday of Mr. Guo Runkang, a famous Danyang-based philatelist and philatelist. The Guiyang Philatelic World will hold a "Congratulations to the 100th Anniversary of Guo Runkang, the Honorary Member of the All China Philatelic Federation. Relevant leaders, representatives of the National Philatelic Federation and representatives of more than a dozen philatelic organizations nationwide, philatelic ... [ Details ]
March 17
  • Guo Runkang loves his hometown philately

  • Honorary Fellow Guo Runkang of the All-China Philatelic Federation has been leaving his hometown of Danyang for 85 years, but his attachment to his hometown is still in his head. His care and support for his hometown philately and postman is even more memorable. 【 Details
March 17
  • Anecdote

  • On December 24, 2014, the "Zhengzhou Daily" published an article "Hexi Qian, a Poetry Heir". The article introduces the prosperous process of the Qiandong family in Hongdong, Shanxi, who moved to Hexi Village, Chaohua Town, Mi County (now Xinmi City), Henan in the early Ming Dynasty. 【 Details
February 25
February 25
  • Passionate peony and bamboo, depicting colorful life

  • In traditional Chinese painting, peony and bamboo have always been widely respected. The former is graceful and luxurious, a symbol of wealth, while the latter is straight and straight, which is a manifestation of sublime integrity, and has been dubbed "Bamboo for Peace". Citizen Sun Guolin is a painter who works on peony and ink bamboo. For more than 20 years, if he was in trouble, his amateur life would be from this ... [ Details ]
January 21
  • "Hengsheng" brewing, Xiangpiao two hundred years old

  • When it comes to balsamic vinegar brewing, Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar is famous throughout the country, and when referring to the brewing history of Zhenjiang balsamic vinegar, Danyang's visit to Xian's "Hengsheng" is second to none, and its fame history is no less than the nationally famous Zhenjiang "Hengshun". In the course of the storm in 201, the time-honored "Hengsheng" brand has always stood, and her baptism has brought her ... [ detailed ]
January 21
January 21
  • Collector's auction ignites passion for "Taobao"

  • December 26 is the 122nd anniversary of Mao Zedong ’s birthday, and it is also the 7th anniversary of the founding of the Association of Veteran Cadres. On the same day, after the annual meeting of the association was held in the morning, an auction of collectibles was held in the afternoon, and the on-site transaction was 16,265 yuan. 【 Details
December 31
December 31
December 24
December 10
  • Rosewood Development Zone

  • Rosewood has always been a high-grade wood because of its low output and high quality. With the improvement of people's living standards, collecting rosewood and purchasing rosewood furniture has become a fashion. 【 Details
November 13
November 5
  • Engraved Porcelain "Ren Bonian Characters on the Bottle" List

  • Good news came from the Fifth Ghostwriting Conference of Zhenjiang City Federation of Literary and Art Circles held on October 30. The eighth Zhenjiang City Literary and Art Awards selection was announced, and Shao Tongyi's engraved porcelain work "Ren Bonian Characters on Bottle" was on the list. 【 Details
November 5
  • Zhao Jun erhu hits the Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition

  • "I have learned a lot at this Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition. Not only did I start the brand, but I also sold nearly half of the products on the spot!" Yesterday, Zhao Jun, a famous Huqin producer in our city who just returned from participating in the 2015 Shanghai International Musical Instrument Exhibition, told reporters cheerfully. 【 Details
October 22
October 22
  • Danyang Seal Cutting Art Promotion Association

  • The work "Engraving, Paper Cutting, and the Four Ancient Beauty in Ancient China" (pictured), which was carefully created by the Seal Cutting Art Promotion Association of our city (pictured), was selected to participate in the 118th Canton Fair in Autumn 2015, which is being held in Guangzhou. 【 Details
October 22
September 24

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