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December 25
December 11
  • Lu Fengzi praises the teacher

  • Today, the great Chinese dream is steadily realized. The positive energy of socialism is deeply rooted in the hearts of the people, and the light of fairness, justice, and patriotism strengthens the land of China. The times require Lu Fengzi's spirit, and we need to shoulder the heavy responsibility of inheriting and carrying forward China's excellent traditional culture. 【 Details
December 11
October 30
  • Li Bai loves Danyang wine

  • Li Bai's love for Danyang wine is extremely extreme. Li Bai has come to Jiangnan many times in his life, visited Danyang several times, visited Xinfeng and Yanling, and wrote many beautiful poems. 【 Details
October 23
August 21
August 21
July 31
  • Shi Jianjun and his Zen flute rhyme

  • Male, born in 1991, native of Chizhou, Anhui, Chinese young flute player, director of China Bamboo Flute Society, vice president of Danyang Bamboo Flute Society, deputy director of Tongtuo Buddhist Music Research and Development Center, deputy director of Haihui Fanyu Art Center, Zen Yin Founder of Di Yun. 【 Details
June 19
June 12
  • Niu Shou Zen Light Shines Ancient and Modern

  • On the morning of April 22, 2019, at the invitation of the abbot of the Niutoushoushan Buddha Ding Temple in Nanjing, and Master Shuguang (Dharma Zhiming), the deputy chairman of the Nanjing Buddhist Association, the representatives of the Wei family in Yanling, Danyang Wei Jinliang, Wei Fengyun, Wei Xingzhong, Wei Zhong entered as the ancestor of the first ancestor of the Buddhist Ngau Tau Sect, Master Farong, and worshiped his ancestors. [ Details ]
June 5
May 29
May 22
May 22
  • Ancient wood carving skills

  • The "wood carving" project was announced by the municipal government in June 2013 as the second batch of Danyang municipal-level intangible cultural heritage projects. 【 Details
May 22
  • Danyang Zhao Jun's Axe Pounds Out "Yellow Notes"

  • The intangible cultural heritage of Jiangsu Province-Danyang Zhao's erhu production skills have been renewed! At the first Canal Culture and Tourism Expo and the International Canal City Cultural Tourism Exhibition held recently, Zhao Jun, one of the "Top Ten Craftsmen" in our city, shined brilliantly, and his unique piano-making skills were breathtaking. 【 Details
May 15
April 24
March 27
  • Anecdote of famous printmaker Wu Junfa in Danyang

  • After the victory of the War of Resistance Against Japan in 1946, Wu Junfa attended Danyang Regular Art College and was one of the top students in the class. He worked tirelessly and painstakingly to study all subjects, achieving outstanding results, especially in woodcut and ink painting. 【 Details
March 27
March 26
  • Friendship of Wuxi descendants in Danyang

  • On March 18th, Wu Hongjian, Secretary-General of the Wu Clan Association of the City, was entrusted by Chairman Wu Guangming and accompanied by Wu Wenxin, Executive Director of the Taibo Wu Family Clan Association, and made a special drive to Wuxi and Wuxi Wu family. Relevant persons in charge of the ancestral ancestors of the ancestors organized a friendship and shared the feelings of the same ancestors. 【 Details
March 20
  • The selection of the sixth generation of actors in the Dan opera begins!

  • Xingzhen rare drama Dan drama, start with talents, start with the baby! The reporter learned from the National Drama Troupe of our city that the sixth-generation actor training project of Dan opera has started recently. The theater troupe, in conjunction with the Yangzhou Culture and Art School, is recruiting students for the first year of primary school graduates in our city. 【 Details
March 20
March 20
  • Song Xingzu, a scholar from the Song Dynasty who walked out of Hongjia Village

  • Hong Xingzu was born in Hongjia Village, Danyang. He has been familiar with the classics of ancient books since he was a child. He liked to write and dared to speak. When I was a teenager, I read the Book of Rites and read the Doctrine of the Mean, and immediately realized the principles of life and numerology. At the same time, my academic performance and essay level also increased. 【 Details
February 13
  • Big change in small cigarette labels

  • In our city, there is an old man Ji Hangtai who is obsessed with collecting cigarette labels. For more than 50 years, he has collected more than 3,000 varieties, which can be described as a complete variety and a wide range of names. 【 Details
January 23
January 23
  • Genealogy of another rare surname

  • After half a year's joint efforts of the Guilian Family of the Lianhu Lake in our city, the "Genealogy of the Gui Family of the Liyang Lake in Danyang" was launched, and a spectrum presentation event was held on January 13. 【 Details
January 16
January 16
January 16
  • Ren Ziyuan, a Famous Taoist in the Ming Dynasty

  • Ren Ziyuan (1368 ~ 1431), the word Yiyu, No. Toad Yu, nicknamed Haiyue Youxun, Danyang, Jiangsu. Famous Taoist priests of the Ming Dynasty. He experienced five dynasties in the early Ming Dynasty and had a close relationship with the three emperors. 【 Details
January 16
  • Tanghai Danyang Monk Fahai

  • "Biography of the White Snake" is one of China's four major folk legends. The kind white lady and the fierce Fahai are well-known mythical characters and women and children. It is interesting that during the Tang Dynasty, Danyang also had a monk named Fahai. This Fahai is not the fierce Fahai in the White Snake biography, but an authentic monk. 【 Details
January 9
  • Wu Shu, a Danyang writer in the Song Dynasty

  • The Wu family in Danyang is a direct descendant of Wu Ziyu, the fourth house of Wu Jizha. After the fall of Wu State, Wu Jizha's family members either lived in the mountains or fled to another country, except that Wu Ziyu, a four-family house, held his home and worshiped Jizi Temple. 【 Details
January 9
December 26
November 28
  • Danyu balsamic vinegar brewing skills

  • The Danyu Balsamic Vinegar Brewing Skills project of our city was announced by the Zhenjiang Municipal People's Government in 2016 as the fifth batch of Zhenjiang municipal intangible cultural heritage projects. 【 Details
November 21
  • In 1924, the whole city of Danyang bid farewell to "Cha Qingtian"

  • April 25, 1924 was a tragic day for the ancient city of Danyang. On this day, Danyang County government agencies, guild groups, industry associations, schools and other people from all walks of life came to the park located in Qiaojiaxiang, condoling a person of great importance to Danyang people. This famous figure is not someone else, it is the grandfather of the martial arts novel Taidou Jin Yong who died recently, Qing Dynasty ... [ Details ]
November 14
  • "Mr. Jin Yong can no longer see this precious document!"

  • On October 30, Mr. Jin Yong, a generation of martial arts novels, died, and Yin Xianchun, a member of the CPPCC and our reporter, was distressed. "This precious document can no longer be seen by Mr. Jin Yong!" Yesterday, Yin Xianchun showed the "Awakening Record" of Jin Yong's grandfather Cha Wenqing during the period of the Republic of China.
November 2
  • Heroes go back in wind

  • On May 1, 1986, 62-year-old Jin Yong took his wife to Danyang for the first time and the only time he set foot on this land that has appeared countless times in his dream. On the same day, Mr. Jin Yong was warmly received by Danyang County Party Committee Secretary Xu Yuanhai, County Magistrate Hu Zhijie and other county leaders and people in Danyang's cultural circles ... [ detailed ]
November 2
October 24
  • Xu Yangwu

  • I am Xu Ku (kuàng) and I am a Chinese character (1895-1954). I am from Danyang, Jiangsu. He is a well-known veteran science and technology talent and chemical scientist in Shanghai chemical industry in the 1920s and 1930s. In his life, he is diligent and hard-working, possesses both morals and talents, is strict with self-discipline, and treats others with kindness, which reflects the excellent quality of the Xu family and is worthy of later generations to learn ... [ Detail ]
August 22
  • Five points from continuing family tree

  • Editor's note: In recent years, with the renaissance of traditional culture, surnames from all over the world have found their roots. At the same time, with the promotion of genealogy research and the construction of family style, new genealogies emerge in endlessly. The Jiang family in Jiangshu Tengcun Village, Dongxiang, Danyang is a local family. Currently, he is working on the continuation of the "Danyang Tengcun Jiang Family Tree". The genealogy editor Jiang Yunnan has summarized the experience of continuing the family tree. reader. 【 Details
August 1
July 25
July 11
July 11
  • Zhu Xi promoted Confucianism to regain its heritage

  • In the morning of June 29, at the invitation of Zhenjiang Zhuxi Culture Research Association and Municipal Archives, Zhu Jieren, a professor and doctoral supervisor of East China Normal University, came to Tiangong International Group in Danbei Town to give Zhenjiang Zhuxi Culture Research Association and Members of Danyang City Surname Culture Research Association gave a wonderful lecture on Zhu Zi's theory, and their views ... [ Details ]
July 4
June 13
April 11
March 21
February 28
  • "Burning" beauty pictures on rice paper

  • Recently, Zhenhong municipal non-hereditary inheritor and art teacher of our special education school Sun Hongfang, after years of exploration, successfully realized painting on rice paper with an electric soldering iron, and achieved an important breakthrough in the technique of inheritance of intangible cultural heritage, soldering iron painting. Recently, the Xuan paper iron painting "Shadow, Shadow" created by her has gained wide acclaim. 【 Details
February 14

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