In 2019, they are "protagonists"! ——Annual inventory of "Character of the Year" by Danyang Network

Core tip: This year, classic hot topics still dominate the list, and many new people and things have appeared in our field of vision. With sweat, laughter, regret, and hope, this is Danyang's 2019.

Reporter Xiao Tang

It's another year to resign and welcome the new year, and the annual inventory of Danyang.com is here again! This is a year of struggle and a year of great harvest. This year, the classic hot topics still dominate the list, and many new people and things have appeared in our field of vision. With sweat, laughter, regret, and hope, this is Danyang's 2019.

Moment of heart warming: kind people

Sanitation worker Cai Dayi helped the old man be captured.

People remove snow near Wanshan Park.

Sometimes good people save lives. October's "Thrilling! A girl in Danyang district almost fell down, and a passerby surrounded him "reported the incident where the residents of the Oriental Prosperous Community rescued the girl bravely. At that time, the children were shaking on a high platform. They spread out the quilt and climbed up a few floors. The platform eventually turned the girl into a crisis. Sometimes a small act of kindness is the flow of love. In January, sanitation worker Cai Dazhen helped an old lady cross the road and was captured by passersby. Everyone claimed that they praised it. In April, the citizen Hao Bin took the initiative to stop at the Nanhuan Road to let the old man go first, and the old man stopped when he quickly walked over the zebra crossing. , Bow to him and salute. Sometimes, good-minded people may guard a family. In December, "Thank you, Zhou Jianzhong! well done! "The article described a citizen who did not want to speak up for his good deeds. He asked the police station to return the lost thousands of dollars to the owner, Ms. Wang, for her mother's surgery. His own name was only known after Ms. Wang inquired. In October, Xie Yuxiang, a 70-year-old party member from the Fengmei Xincun community, went out to pick up a brand-new bag with more than 10,000 yuan in cash and a mobile phone. He decided to wait in place, waiting for more than an hour, the owner lost his excitement after getting the bag. Such events will appear on our WeChat public account almost every month.

Good people are a banner. As of December, the citizen Ge Haiqing had donated blood 32 times without compensation, with a cumulative blood donation volume of 14,200 ml, which was equivalent to the total blood in three or four adults. Good people may be each of us. "Surprise! It's snowing in Danyang! Amazing! Another night without snow! In the article, the heavy snow covering the entire city was cleared before the next working day. Of course, there was precise coordination and efforts of various departments, and the participation of ordinary citizens who spontaneously joined them. "Qianxue" actively helped the property to clear up the snow in the neighborhood, and "manage others to put on the frost." He picked up a shovel and went to the street, carrying the enthusiasm of a Danyang citizen.

King of Traffic: Danyang Candidates

Candidates walked into the test room with confidence.

Liu Yuchen took the college entrance examination in a special examination room.

"The shorter the content, the bigger the matter." This has become a law of spread of pictures and text on the new media. On June 26th, “We just │ the provincial Danzhong enrollment score line demarcation unified enrollment 609 points competition 603 points” This WeChat has become the “traffic king” this year, compared with other dynamic thousands of characters and colorful WeChat graphics Rising, the text of this WeChat is only two or three hundred words, with only one picture, but it has become the focus of Danyang readers.

"Poverty can't be poor education." The future of children is always the most concerned about Danyang people. From the announcement of the adjustment of the sports examination plan for the next year's entrance examination in May, the entry of music and fine arts into the entrance examination, and the release of this year's entrance examination policy, the "Danyang entrance examination is over! Checking the scores + score lines over the years ... You care about everything here, "and other 10 WeChat graphics related to the high school entrance examination have received more than 100,000 clicks.

Beginning in May, more than 200 Danyang candidates obtained the comprehensive evaluation and admission qualifications for colleges and universities in Jiangsu Province. Various hotspot events of the college entrance examination began to be screened: before the test started, we mobilized the whole people and met the special time node of the college entrance examination during the Dragon Boat Holiday to do our best for the candidates Create a quiet examination environment; on the first day of the college entrance examination, correspondent Zhou Zhusheng bet the national vol. 1 college entrance examination essay with an article entitled "Learning, Labor, Life, and Beauty." Good works are frequent; in addition to the good news of "Danyang 5 students passed the preliminary examination of Tsinghua University of Peking University", a strong girl touched countless Danyang people in the 2019 college entrance examination season. She was a candidate from Lu Shuxiang Middle School, Liu Yuzheng. After the car accident, she was covered with steel plates all over, but still with the help of her teacher and caring team, she completed the college entrance examination with painful pain, and passed the Nanjing Forestry University with excellent grades. Danyang good news continued during the admission stage. The highest scores of science are in the provincial Danzhong ", which attracted popular praise, 45 were admitted by Suzhou University and 15 were accepted by Southeast University The admitted Danish middle school students participated in the collective acceptance notice issuance ceremony and received the admission notice delivered by the school to their doorstep. From May to August, 22 WeChat related to the college entrance examination received nearly 300,000 clicks.

Creator: All Danyang people

Comparison of Danyang and Past.

A picture from Danyang's Twelve Hours Series: Construction workers are working under the scorching sun.

2019 is the 70th anniversary of the founding of New China, and also the 70th anniversary of the liberation of Danyang. Looking back at the past, Danyang's history is tortuous and glorious. Looking ahead, Danyang's urban construction is becoming more modern, sophisticated, and humane. Danyang people created it with their own hands. In 2019, Danyang Daily WeChat public account released a series of graphics for review, recording and outlook.

"Ten years ago, ten years later, what did the years make us Danyang? "A article, comparing the text, pictures, materials, clothing, food, shelter, transportation, etc. in the past ten years. Many readers have left a message saying that" the changes have been too great. " These changes are happening to us side by side, but it is not easy to be noticed. Looking back, we know that we have come so far. We lament the majestic beauty of the Old Ximen New Town Tower, and we love the brand-new attitude of road bridges such as Danyang's first overpass, but we should not forget how all this has become what it is today. "The coolest memories of Danyang generations are all here! "History is glorious, and tomorrow will be better." Starting from the establishment of the first party branch in Jiangsu in 1925, Danyang divided the 15 major chapters of history, politics, economics, culture, and people ’s livelihood into historical and political events. This method can be said to be a mini "Danyang Chronicles". After reading it, the readers said that they "stomped their breath" and "remembered the changes of their own family over the past few decades" and "really felt the thickness of Danyang's history." I turned my attention from the macro to the micro, "The Danyang Twelve Hours · We Live Ordinarily and Seriously" is an ode to every ordinary Danyang people. They are struggling for a better life for themselves, and they are also building more with their own efforts. Beautiful Danyang, 24 hours a day, there are always people working hard, Danyang never sleeps.

Guardian of Loyalty: Police Workers and "The Most Beautiful Retrogrades"

Destroy MLM dens.

Police arrested thousands of miles on New Year's Eve and escorted the suspect back to Danyang.

In January, the police station of Danyang Railway Station arrested three men who were suspected of illegally hunting and selling protected animals along the railway. On New Year's Eve, the Zhongshan Road Police Station went to Shenzhen to arrest a suspect who had refused to pay labor compensation. Back to Danyang; one MLM den was smashed, and one breach of faith that refused to execute the judgment was arrested by the executor ... countless times of early morning attacks, a police officer even found it in a carton in the attic of the executor She was hiding in between.

The stability and order of a city depends on being attacked by evil, on the smooth roads, on being rescued by danger, on the safety when crowds are crowded, and on the peace of mind when traveling alone ... and all these are inseparable from those who are silent Dedicated to us. A sentence summed it up very well: how could any time be quiet, but someone was moving forward silently. Pay tribute to all police officers and firefighters fighting in Danyang!

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