Abandoning medicine and doing business, performing wonderful legends in the auto parts industry

Core reminder: In the 1990s, the market economy surged, and "going down the sea" and "business" became hot words in society. In Xinqiao, families and workshops have sprung up, and small and micro enterprises of auto parts are everywhere.

Correspondent Zhang Lei of Pengxiang

Character business card:

Chen Jianlin: Born in February 1960, Chairman of Jiangsu Linquan Automotive Decoration Co., Ltd., Vice Chairman of China Automobile Industry SME Association, Vice Chairman of National Automotive Parts Industry Technology Innovation Strategy Alliance, Vice Chairman of Danyang Industry and Commerce Federation, Danyang Automobile President of Parts Chamber of Commerce, representative of Danyang People's Congress, director of Danyang Charity Federation.

Xinqiao is a Jiangnan water village by the Yangtze River. Chen Jianlin, who was born here, often goes to the Yangtze River to find fish and shrimps, and "bubble" in the river water, so he is bolder than ordinary children. He dares to think of things that others dare not think; to make. The old people in the village said: "This baby is spiritual and resilient, and will be very promising in the future!"

Resign, "go to sea" to make waves

Struggling hard

In 1977, Chen Jianlin graduated from high school and faced life choices, but his fate seemed to play a modest "jokes" with him: he joined the Dazhai working group on agriculture, but was retired because of family members' political issues He came back twice; he signed up for the army twice, once because he failed his medical examination and once because he was over a few months old, and he couldn't put on the coveted "olive green".

In desperation, Chen Jianlin chose to be a "country doctor". This time, it is nearly 10 years. Due to his low income and the need to spend more money after becoming a family, he has a flexible mind and, while working, starts a small business to supplement his family. Although the business is "small business," Chen Jianlin found himself a bit "business minded".

In the 1990s, the tide of the market economy surged, and "going into the sea" and "business" became hot words in society. In Xinqiao, families and workshops have sprung up, and small and micro enterprises of auto parts are everywhere. Many young people in Xinqiao run around for supply and marketing, pulling business, and gradually bulging their pockets. When Chen Jianlin saw it, he could not help but be very emotional. He resigned resolutely and plunged into the ocean of market economy.

At that time, people in Xinqiao's running business had a relatively strong "dock" awareness, and it was difficult for new "entry" personnel to find a foothold. Chen Jianlin set his sights on the nearby Xiaohe Town. He joined a small auto parts company in Xiaohe. From the salesman to the head of the supply and marketing section to the director of the factory, Chen Jianlin has done a great job all the way, making the company prosperous. Due to his outstanding business operations, he was also elected as the representative of the Xiaohe Town Party and the People's Congress.

Around 2000, the tide of corporate restructuring began to spread, and the noise was gradually heard. The leader of Xiaohe Town fancyed Chen Jianlin's management talents, and wanted to restructure the factory to him, but Chen Jianlin refused; he also restructured the Xiaohe Farm Tools Factory to him. He said, "My friend is the director of the factory. , There is no "below".

In fact, in Chen Jianlin's mind, there has always been a dream that one day, he will return to his hometown to set up a factory. When he was the factory director in Xiaohe, Ma Gengliang, then party secretary of Xinqiao Town, never looked for him. Every time he met, Ma Gengliang told him what the government's supportive policy was, the development status of the local auto parts industry, and he persuaded him to go home and set up a factory. Although he worked hard for many years, Chen Jianlin also often returned home. He saw the vigorous development of the parts and components industry in his hometown enterprise, and his mind of returning to start a business became increasingly firm.

Difficult start to return home

Achieve business talent

In 2000, Chen Jianlin returned to Xinqiao Town with his wife. He used the 100,000 yuan he earned in Xiaohe to buy a plant in the original Dongfang Auto Parts Factory, added production equipment, and started a difficult business path. Because it is not a legal representative, the factory loan is more difficult, and Chen Jianlin runs on a bank by bank basis. Although he ate "closed door" in some banks, in the end, credit unions, ICBC and others "opened the door" to him. In order to achieve early production benefits and save expenses, Chen Jianlin took his family to eat and live in the factory, a simple office, and also a place to sleep. "There is an old wooden sofa in the office, where customers sit during the day and sleep on the bed at night. Put quilts and cushions under the sofa during the day and use them at night." Chen Jianlin still remembers the difficult situation at the beginning of the business, Vividly.

Two years later, the factory had good results. Chen Jianlin took another loan, requisitioned 50 acres of land, built a new plant, and founded Linquan Company, which mainly produces automobile bumpers, dashboards, door guards, and automobiles. Exterior decoration parts, automotive interior parts, automotive headrests, stamping parts, etc.

At the beginning of the company's establishment, Chen Jianlin did not provide product support for agricultural vehicles, only product support for passenger vehicles. He said: "The agricultural vehicle supporting market is made by elementary school students, the truck supporting market is made by middle school students, and the passenger vehicle market is made by college students. We go directly to college."

Chen Jianlin, who wanted to make the company "straight-up to the university," did something amazing in the industry at the beginning: he invested 35 million yuan at one time and purchased the world's most advanced molding production equipment. Among them, there is a low-pressure double-layer injection molding production line imported from Japan with an investment of tens of millions of yuan. It was the most advanced and unique production line in China at that time. Not only the quality of the products produced could be accurate to micron, but also more environmentally friendly.

People around him thought he was incredible, even gambling. Because the enterprise was just established at that time, it has not yet produced any economic benefits. However, two years later, Chen Jianlin ’s “crazy” move brought great market value: the products produced by this batch of equipment were exclusively for Mazda, and the company also became the first 42 domestic suppliers of the new FAW car “Pentium” Business one.

For auto parts companies, molds are a key production factor. When the funds were not very abundant, Chen Jianlin was the first Danyang industry to go to Japan to open a mold. At that time, it cost US $ 240,000 to open a mold in Japan, while in China, the best one also cost 300,000 yuan. Later, in order to do a good interior fitting project of modern Santa Fe, Chen Jianlin spent 4.9 million yuan to go to South Korea to open molds. If in China, the price of this set of molds does not exceed 2 million yuan.

After the financial crisis broke out, the prices of upstream raw materials soared, and downstream OEMs desperately cut prices, squeezing Chinese component companies tightly in the middle, and the profit margins became smaller and smaller. Without distinctive products and weak competitiveness, many enterprises have suffered serious losses and struggled on the margins of life and death. And Chen Jianlin aimed at the mid-to-high-end car market that most small businesses seem unattainable. In his view, China ’s auto market is largely a multinational company competing, and global models have entered China. This is a serious challenge, but it is also a rare opportunity, because according to Koreans ’“ Blue Ocean Strategy ” The theory, development and production of high-end products can avoid fierce market competition and obtain unique advantages.

Immediately after, Chen Jianlin established or strengthened long-term industry-university-research cooperation relationship with Beijing Research Institute of Chemical Industry, Jiangsu University, Beijing Institute of Technology, and Changchun Automobile Research Institute, and cooperated with OEMs to develop new products. Annual technical research and development expenses accounted for sales. More than 20%. At the same time, he set up a production "layout" around the OEM, established branches in Changchun, Qingdao, Liuzhou, Foshan and other places, formed the Linquan Group, and moved the group's production workshop directly to the "doorway" of the OEM. The results can be imagined, not only FAW Group has put into his hands R & D and manufacturing orders for interior and exterior trim parts for special-purpose vehicles, but also interior trim parts orders for Audi, Volkswagen, Pentium, Dahongqi, Mazda, etc. Come flying.

September 3, 2015 was the day that Chen Jianlin felt most proud of. On the same day, a military parade to commemorate the 70th anniversary of the victory of the Anti-Japanese War and the World Anti-Fascist War was held in front of Tiananmen Square. General Secretary Xi Jinping took the red flag courtesy car to review the troops. The interior parts of this car were exclusively produced by Linquan. In addition, more than 150 red flag spare review vehicles, command vehicles, foreign leaders 'vehicles, national standing committee's vehicles, and logistical vehicles' interior trims were made in Linquan during the parade. Chen Jianlin said: "The company's products have the opportunity to be unveiled at the parade, and they are very honored to contribute to the parade!"

In fact, there are not many small and medium-sized enterprises with long-term vision in China. For many auto parts manufacturers, most of them dare not have long-term plans, and most of them regard their development goals as bigger and stronger. However, Chen Jianlin clearly thinks differently. He values the future and has implanted "specialty, precision, and speciality" into the innovative genes of the enterprise, so that the enterprise maintains healthy, rapid, and sustainable development, and has won the "National High-tech Technology companies "and many other awards.

In addition to running a good business, Chen Jianlin also serves the society with a sincere heart. In recent years, he has served as chairman of the Danyang Chamber of Commerce, from the daily work of the chamber of commerce, to the service companies of the chamber of commerce, to building a bridge between member companies and the government ... Also be the "home" of the Chamber of Commerce. Every year, he also contributes generously to the charity cause of Danyang, bridge building in towns and villages, poverty alleviation and education, and caring for the elderly.

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