Leukemia mother wants to "save" tuition for son

Core tip: Zhu Linxun, who lives in Qilin Village, Development Zone, has just passed this year. For more than five months since she became ill, she had lost more than 20 kilograms of weight and had been healthy. She now weighs only 80 kilograms.

Today Zhu Linzheng weighs only about 80 pounds

Today Zhu Linzheng weighs only about 80 pounds

Due to limited conditions, the house where Zhu Linzhang lived was not renovated year round

Due to limited conditions, the house where Zhu Linzhang lived was not renovated year round

Zhu Linzhang ’s condition was good years ago

Zhu Linzhang ’s condition was good years ago

Zhu Linzhang, who lives in Qilin Village, Development Zone, has just passed this year. For more than five months since she became ill, she had lost more than 20 pounds from her healthy and mellow body. Now she only weighs 80 pounds.

If it were not for her previous photos, the reporter would not believe that the weak and thin woman in front of her was once white and ruddy.

Zhu Linzhang said that in the past few months, she has also experienced life-to-death and resurrection. Sudden leukemia has made her desperate, and she is dying on the verge of collapse. However, the warmth and kindness from relatives and kind people finally let her Seeing hope. Although Zhu Linzhang is still tugging with the sick, she is able to face, smile and torture, and even willing to "sacrifice for love" ...

Unexpected things, she fell ill after continuous overtime

In December 2015, Zhu Linxuan worked for the fourth month in a row. The leather shoe factory has a heavy workload. Zhu Lin has become greedy every morning since morning. During overtime, she worked more than 13 hours a day, which made her feel physically and mentally exhausted.

"One day later, I felt uncomfortable and thought I had a cold. I went to the hospital for a look and asked the doctor to prescribe medicine to hang the water. After hanging the water for three days, I noticed some improvement and I didn't care." One morning a few days later, after Zhu Linzhang got up, he found that the gums on his side were all swollen, and he could not eat any more. When her husband Yuan Guofu saw his wife like this, he advised her not to go to work. However, Zhu Linxuan, who was thinking to persevere until the New Year, hurried to the factory by riding an electric car quietly. After arriving at the factory, Zhu Linzhang's eyes were blurred all morning. Taking advantage of the time of noon to eat, he closed his eyes and rested for a while. Then he started working again in the afternoon. Even if this situation continued for several days, Zhu Linzhang did not think about it, and always felt that it should be too tired to work since the recent period.

However, what Zhu Linyi did not expect was that her strong support had not "effective", and one day later, she suddenly felt cold for a while, then fainted in front of her on the job. With the help of a worker, Zhu Linxuan contacted her husband, brother and brother. Due to physical discomfort, inability to swallow for several days, and sudden fainting, it seemed that she had exhausted her last strength. Zhu Linzhang even had no strength to get on the bus, and was reluctant to do so only with the help of several people. Finish checking. In the company of a loved one, Zhu Linzheng waited for the test results, but the above-mentioned exceptionally high index exceeded everyone's surprise. The doctor said that my blood was seriously exceeded, and I suggested that I immediately go to a large hospital for careful examination. "Without stopping for almost a moment, Zhu Linyu escorted to the hospital in Suzhou accompanied by his brother, and performed a bone penetration examination. He was eventually diagnosed with acute leukemia.

After hearing the doctor's "declaration", Yuan Guofu and Zhu Linzhang's brothers were silent. On the one hand, the condition was fierce, spreading rapidly, and life threatening at any time; on the other hand, Zhu Linzhang's family was not rich, There is a son who is studying in university and the economic pressure is very heavy. Faced with hundreds of thousands of "conservative" treatment costs in the doctor's mouth, the family had to choose to "take a step back" and transfer Zhu Linzhang back to Danyang People's Hospital for treatment.

Twenty years of harmony between husband and wife, no complaints before serving the bed

"Actually, in the last month of last year, my condition was very dangerous, and my life was in danger at any time. In order to take care of and soothe me, my husband stayed with me step by step, but I knew in his heart that he was sadder than anyone else. He was too sad Afraid to lose me. "Zhu Linxuan told reporters that when the doctor told Yuan Guofu about her condition, he was obviously in a wrong state and could not go well. Zhu Linzhang said that at that time she thought that she could not get through this level, thinking of her husband and son, like a knife cut in her heart. In order not to let her leave regret, Zhu Linzhang reluctantly packed up and pressed down everything on her body. Discomfort, offered to take pictures with her husband and son.

As a result, the family of three, on the aisle in the hospital, took a family portrait against the white tiles.

Seeing this photo, there was no smile on the faces of the husband and son. Instead, Zhu Linzhang forced a smile, drawing a beautiful arc on the pale face.

With Zhu Linxuan's insistence, Yuan Guofu went to the photo studio to wash out the photos taken by the trustee that day, wrapped the cover, and kept it at home. "Actually, I thought I might be gone soon, so I insisted on taking photos with them, because I thought that with the photos, even if I left, they could have a thought, and I didn't regret it. "When it comes to her husband Yuan Guofu, Zhu Linxun can not help showing a sweet and happy look:" My husband is so good to me, my life is enough, no regrets. "According to Zhu Linxuan, Yuan Guofu's family was not good, a dozen His parents died at the age of eight, but he was hardworking, simple and kind. "Everyone is envious of my family. Our husband and wife have never quarreled for more than 20 years. It was my husband who let me and spoil me. I was very happy." She recalled, "The happiest time in memory was once. Just got up in the morning, my husband went to do the laundry, I came to cook, I ate together and set off for work. Sometimes when I got tired from work at night and did n’t want to cook, my husband rushed to do it, especially caring, we never did more work for anyone When I was missing, I just sipped my mouth, and there was only laughter at home. "When Zhu Linzhang was admitted to the People's Hospital for chemotherapy, everything in the family was busy by Guofu Guo, who was serving in front of Zhu Linzhang's bed every day. "Every time after chemotherapy, my body is hollowed out. I feel so empty that I can't get out of bed. I need someone to help me when I'm done. My husband is always there. I'm very patient and my actions are very gentle. Said a bitter or tired. "

In order to help her son complete his studies, she has the intention to "save" treatment costs

In fact, based on Zhu Linhuan's current physical condition, the doctor advised her to stay in the hospital for easy observation and follow-up treatment at any time. However, given the limited financial capacity, Zhu Linxuan could only choose to rest at home. "I can't help but consider it for my son. He just entered his sophomore year this year. Because of the difference between two points when he was in the college entrance examination, he went to the third college and spent about 20,000 a year. Fortunately, his son is sensible and knows savings The cost of living is much less than that of my classmates, but I ca n’t afford to be overwhelmed by domestic and external debts because of my own illness. Otherwise, what will my son do when he goes to school? I ca n’t just take care of myself and not think about him. Helpless.

The reporter learned that since the marriage, Yuan Guofu and Zhu Linzhang's economic conditions have been bad. Both husband and wife have worked in leather shoe factories. Later, after having children, because there were no elderly people in the family to help with the children, Zhu Linzhang had to give up work, take the children at home and take care of household chores. Until his son was 10 years old, Zhu Linxun continued to work in the factory. "In the years when I was at home, the heavy burden of supporting the family rested on the shoulders of my husband. But he never complained. Even if he sometimes came back home for more than ten hours, he always spoke softly to me. language.

Later, when the child was older and I could go out to work, we sent our son to school in the city, and we rented a house near the child to school. "Later, his son went to Jinglin Middle School, and Zhu Linzhang and her husband accompanied him to rent a house nearby for better care. It can be said that this family has never been relaxed.

"My son was very sensible, and he did well in school, but he failed in the college entrance examination and fell two points to the second line. Although the family conditions were limited, we still gritted our teeth to get him to the third school.

And he is also sensible, knowing that the family is under great economic pressure, and go out to work as soon as possible during the holiday. I also feel bad about trying to reduce the burden on the family as much as possible. Zhu Linxun said that she has now completed two courses of chemotherapy, and the total cost has totaled more than 110,000 yuan.

"I used to work, and I could earn more than 30,000 yuan a year. My husband also earns almost 40,000 yuan a year. But now he only works alone, and my salary is not enough to see me, so my next treatment is really There is no way to continue. "Zhu Linxuan said, she only intends to see the doctor with some of the money she borrowed from relatives and friends and money from kind people.

"Children can only find a better job after finishing their studies, and there will be hope in the future. I can't let myself ruin my home and ruin him. No matter how difficult it is, children have to study."

Laughing at the sick, she is grateful for life every day

"Actually, when I first learned that I had this disease, I could not accept it at all." Zhu Linxuan recalled: "The family was hiding from me when I was just diagnosed. On the 28th day of the last month, I saw my body It ’s not good every day and every day, they always dodged when asked, saying that a cold had caused other problems. But immediately after the Chinese New Year, no one asked me to leave the hospital, I became suspicious. I talked with my husband, He said that our husband and wife for more than 20 years, you can't lie to me, just tell me if you have any illness, I can bear it. So my husband told me about the illness. Leukemia is such a terrible disease. She didn't close her eyes for the next two days. "My tears kept flowing when I was in the hospital. I was only 40 years old. I had a husband, a son who was going to college, and a parent who was 70 or 80 years old. How could I leave early.

Thinking of these, my tears couldn't stop and my mood was even worse. Two days later, my physical condition plummeted and my condition worsened. "Because of the heavy burden on my heart, Zhu Lintao's condition was repeated and he needed to be monitored, so the family had to spend a simple Spring Festival in the hospital.

Now, after five months of torture, Zhu Linzhang has gradually become more open-minded from the grief when he first learned of his illness.

"Now I think every morning when I open my eyes, I made another day and night, and I survived again." Zhu Linyi laughed. Although she has just escaped from the danger of life and the road to continue treatment is full of hardships, her caring, her child's sensible, parents' support and neighbor's help make her grateful. "Since I was sick and went home to take a rest, my neighbors and relatives I knew or even knew all came to see me. Some left 100 or 200 yuan, and some brought home things to care about me. I am just an ordinary person and have He Dehe can make everyone care like this? I'm really content. "Zhu Linxuan now, will go out when the weather is good. "I take good care of my body, and my husband works with peace of mind. I want to live as happily as possible, even if there is only one day left." Zhu Linxuan said with a smile.

(Yin Yuan Liu Weiwen / photo)

If there are good people who are willing to help Zhu Linzhang against the disease, you can contact our newspaper's love hotline 86988110.

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